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Who we are

The Florida Governor’s Council on Indian Affairs, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt organization which operates the Employment & Training Program as a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Native American grantee through the U.S. Department of Labor, Division of Indian and Native American Programs. We are responsible for the allocation and distribution of this funding to economically disadvantaged, unemployed or underemployed Native American, Native Alaskan and Native Hawaiian students residing in the states of Florida and Georgia for job training and educational purposes.


*2024 Spring Term Registration*

If you are planning on attending classes during the 2024 Spring term, please submit your paperwork as soon as possible. Please note that all paperwork must be submitted no later than 21 days prior to start of term or fee due date, whichever comes first. 

Our mission

It is our mission to provide services and activities that result in each participant realizing their full potential. We are committed to assisting students in choosing a career with job security that maximizes the use of each individual’s interest and aptitudes. 

The Employment & Training Program utilizes universities, community colleges, technical schools, vocational programs and apprenticeship programs, which are accredited by one of the U.S. Department of Education’s nationally recognized accrediting agencies, as vehicles to provide our participants with a solid foundation of the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment in today’s competitive labor market.

Our mission is accomplished by targeting the following goals and objectives
Increased Employment
Increased Educational Credentials
Increased Occupational Skills
Increased High School Completion
Decreased Welfare Dependency
Providing Preferential Services to Veterans and their Spouse
Increased Occupational Entrepreneurship
Apprenticeship Placement


Qualified individuals seeking: GED, Certificate, Diploma, or College level academic degrees will receive assistance towards the cost of tuition and textbooks.

Workforce Development

The Florida Governor’s Council on Indian Affairs and the Department of Labor share a vision of providing quality Workforce Development Services to Native American communities that not only meet regulatory requirements but also are administered in ways that are consistent with the traditional cultural values and beliefs of the people they are designed to serve.

The Employment & Training Program works to help Native American, Native Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian veterans become economically self-sufficient through occupational skills training, on-the-job training, job readiness training, adult education and literacy.

Veteran Services

Priority of service is given to all U.S Military men and woman enrolled in the program.

Other Supportive Services

Based on individual qualifications, other supportive services may be provided such as childcare assistance and transportation assistance.


Daniel applied for the Florida Indian  Summer Youth Program in 2012. Over the following years he became a counselor for the Youth program while also attending College with assistance from Florida Governors Council on Indian Affairs Inc. Employment and Training Program. Daniel graduated with his Bachelors degree in Business Administration in 2019. He has entered his career as a Business teacher and awarded with the 2020 Rookie Teacher of the Year. Winner of the Alice Bigpond Roach Memorial Award at the 2022 Ninatec Conference.

Daniel Lewis

Winner of the 2022 Outstanding Participant Award at the 2022 Ninatec Conference

Sierra Anderson

Bachelors of Nursing 

Skyler Chester

BSN from Breneau University

Ansley Costley