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The Florida Governor’s Council on Indian Affairs, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization which operates the Employment & Training Program as a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Native American grantee through the U.S. Department of Labor, Division of Indian and Native American Programs.  


Daniel applied for the Florida Indian  Summer Youth Program in 2012. Over the following years he became a counselor for the Youth program while also attending College with assistance from Florida Governors Council on Indian Affairs Inc. Employment and Training Program. Daniel graduated with his Bachelors degree in Business Administration in 2019. He has entered his career as a Business teacher and awarded with the 2020 Rookie Teacher  of the Year.

Daniel Lewis

Upcoming Events

"Building a Future, Inspiring our Youth" 03/24/2021 Virtual , Tallahassee , Florida

Design with Kyle  Mt.Pleasant

We will be programing our robotic arms using CB1 Blockly.

CB1 Blockly is a visual programming tool and is configured to interact with the CB1 core controller in this kit. We will build on visual blocks of code that are easily inserted. The goal is to make it easy to write programs to command the robots you build with this kit, so that you can get them to do what you want them to do.

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"BUILDING A FUTURE, INSPIRING OUR YOUTH" 04/14/2021 Virtual, Tallahassee , FL

S.T.E.A.M. with Mr. Mt.Pleasant


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"Building a Future, Inspiring our Youth" 04/21/2021 Virtual, Tallahassee , FL

Design with Kyle Mt.Pleasant

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"BUILDING A FUTURE, INSPIRING OUR YOUTH" 04/28/2021 Virtual, Tallahassee , FL 32256

S.T.E.A.M with Mr. Mt.Pleasant

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